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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Kids excel in making the perfect mess. Whether it’s at the dinner table or the playroom! ⁣⁣


But who says 🤷🏼‍♀️that their closets have to be a mess, too?⁣⁣


With easy solutions to keep their closet tidy, we can instill healthy habits for our littles! Creating easy storage solutions will not only make your life easier but will give your little a sense of achievement 💪🏻. We can make tidying a teachable moment when we demonstrate how fun “clean up” time can really be! ⁣⁣


Confession ⚠️ I left my husband with my 1 year old, and I came back to 🤦🏼‍♀️a complete disaster. Yes, this can happen to anyone!⁣

I spent my weekend sorting through all of my LO’s clothing. He just turned 1 and it was time to de-clutter + sort. ⁣

How did I transform the closet? Super simple & easy!⁣

I followed my tried & true Rule: ⁣

“When push comes to shove, take it all out.”⁣

Do yourself a favor, empty the closet to its entirety. You want the drawers and shelves bare. ⁣

While you are emptying, make sure to implement a method to the madness. ⁣

1. De-clutter with intention. Ask yourself: “Are there clothes I can donate or store for the next kid in line?”⁣

2. Section off items according to category. For example, make a heap of the clothing that needs to be hung, heap for pants 👖, heap for sweaters and etc..⁣

3. Re-fold neatly as if these items are going to be placed on the shelf of a clothing store. Respect your closet, remember where they came from? The organized retail store you bought or ordered from!⁣

4. After everything is out of the closet and sorted, do a quick wipe down to clean the space. ⁣

5. When you are ready to place back all the items in its designated spot, make sure to keep it tidy & sentimental. Is your baby book collecting dust somewhere? Pull it out and create a showcase of all your favorite things!⁣

✔️Tip: For items that need a hanger, use multi-colored ones to make sure your categories stay sane. For example, green hangers for jackets and blue hangers for overalls! (See pic above).⁣

⭐️Bonus Tip: PJ’s can be folded into one item! How? Tuck the pant of the PJ into the folded shirt.

✔️Tip: Try creating a game when it’s time to put the clean laundry back into their closet.⁣. Is your little a slam dunk super star 🏀 ? Have them try to dunk their socks 🧦 in the sock drawer or basket 🧺!

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